MotoBike Agazzini Enduro2 - 2021

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€ 11950.00

Enduro To The Square, A New Way Of Living Off-Road, Our research will change your idea of offroad. The choice we made to revolutionize this world was to overcome the patterns that distinguish the segments you know today. Our new product is called Enduro al Quadrato and wants to go beyond the classic distinction between bikes and motorcycles, integrating their most interesting peculiarities. Motobi
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Enduro To The Square, A New Way Of Living Off-Road, Our research will change your idea of offroad. The choice we made to revolutionize this world was to overcome the patterns that distinguish the segments you know today. Our new product is called Enduro al Quadrato and wants to go beyond the classic distinction between bikes and motorcycles, integrating their most interesting peculiarities. Motobike, Ebike Performance ... We Call It Enduro "Al Square", If you are wondering what is so revolutionary about this project, Imagine an agile and light mtb frame with Enduro geometry, which adds the freedom to manage the power of a 4,000W electric motor (yes, 6 horsepower!) And 110 Nm of torque at the wheel, through a Domino throttle grip, to the possibility to go beyond 50Km / h in just 4 seconds. Then imagine an independent muscle transmission, which allows you to decide at any time the effort you want to get from pedaling and a battery that allows you to get a range of 50-80 km, depending on the training you want to deal with. All obtained with a total weight of only 28 kg and the possibility of transport like a normal E-MTB. ENDURO² is the result of our 7 years experience in the MotoBike sector; a product designed and built out of the box, following key points that are fundamental for us: simplicity of maintenance and assembly; reliability; Simplicity of component replacement; use of the largest number of standard components; quality manufacturing with 100% realization on our territory; a great desire to entertain you with very low maintenance costs. Power And Agility In One Product, The power, typical of the off-road bike, blends with the extreme agility, typical of the mountain bike; the perfect mix of distinctive characters for an innovative vision that makes Enduro 2 a new segment on two wheels. The Union Of Materials, We wanted to create a product that combines beauty and technicality: thus was born the union of a high quality carbon monocoque frame with Kevlar and T1000 reinforcements surrounded by CNC machined Ergal parts, assembled by coupling couplings, all rigorously Italian handmade. The result is a frame that gives the view the purity of the materials and that in use highlights the main characteristics: the handling and lightness of the Carbon, the reactivity and tenacity of the Ergal. Balance Between Power And Agility, You will not only be amazed by the idea of this new segment, but above all it will be the perfect balance that you will find by simultaneously managing the electric motor delivery, via the throttle knob, and the independent muscle pedaling. At any time you can decide which percentage of power to entrust to the engine and which to your legs; Enduro2 also allows you to advance even without the use of pedaling, driving it in full motorcycle style to tackle leaning curves and technical climbs. So even the narrowest passages (where it becomes difficult to pedal) or simply the obstacles you will encounter along your path, will become the excuse to test your motorcycling skills. Double Transmission, Double Safety, The double transmission is a novelty that we believe to be essential: at all times it makes the muscular pedaling independent from the electric drive, allowing quick and precise changes without the fear of damaging the chain and gearbox. The electric transmission, separated from the pedal stroke, is achieved through the classic motorcycling pinion / crown gear, which allows you to choose the most suitable final ratio for the type of preferred route, obtaining the right balance between torque and maximum speed. The use of standard components allows you to choose between the classic chain drive and the innovative Gates Carbon Drive belt drive. Autonomy Is No Longer A Problem, With the new built-in 910 Wh battery and accurate discharge measurement LCD display, you'll have all the power you need in your hands. The new software with automatic power xadventure. The low rolling friction guaranteed by the oil bath reducer increases the overall efficiency of the motor and reduces its noise. With Enduro2 you will get an increase in autonomy from 20 to 40% compared to traditional Ebike. Grip On Every Terrain, The rear swingarm features a motorcycle-derived monochrome system with compact stays. The high fulcrum and the improved progression ratio add to the traditional suspension pattern a negative trajectory of the wheel in the first part of the stroke and a constant increase in the leverage progression, ensuring maximum traction uphill and maximum performance even in the most violent impacts , without neglecting the pleasure of driving downhill. During the purchase phase, it will be possible to choose two types of configuration: one with a higher bottom bracket and more advanced center of gravity, for those who prefer technical use uphill, or with a lower center of gravity for greater stability downhill. Total Control, The geometry of Enduro2 combined with the differentiated size of the wheels (front 29 and rear 27.5) makes it easy and responsive on any terrain. Its more vertical saddle angle guarantees a smooth pedaling and optimal traction even in the most technical climbs, while a relaxed reach and steering angle, give maximum riding pleasure downhill. The generous suspension travel and the possibility of single or double plate configuration make it unique in its kind.


COLORI Pure Silver, Black
Note sul Colore Ergal Part can be Pure Silver or Black.
CASSETTA 11 speed - 11-46
Elettrica yes

Scheda Tecnica

Informazioni Base
Marca Agazzini
Modello Enduro2
Montaggio Enduro2
Anno Modello 2021
Categoria Bici | eBike | MotoBike
Materiale del telaio Carbonio-Alluminio
Tipo Bici MotoBike
Da Donna no
Specifico per bambini no
Layout Sospensioni Full Suspended
Tipo Freni Disc
Elettrica yes
Codice del Produttore Enduro2
RRP € 11950.00
Telaio Carbon + ERGAL CNC
Serie Sterzo NA
Sospensione Anteriore DNM USD 8 - 203mm
Corsa Anteriore 203
Ammortizzatore Posteriore DNM Buerner RCP 2-S 230x65
Corsa della sospensione posteriore 230
Battute Mozzi Front: NA; Rear: NA
Cerchi Boone
Ruote Boone Gravity HD
Tipo Gonfiaggio Tubeless
Pneumatici Schwalbe Magic Mary - 29" x2.4 Front, 27.5 "x2.80 Rear
Freni Maguara MT5-eStop
Comandi SRAM GX 1x11V
Deragliatore Posteriore SRAM GX 1x11V
Guarnitura Aluminum 170mm
Pacco Pignoni 11 speed - 11-46
Catena SRAM 11S
Pedali Not included
Sella Prologue Proxim W350 155 T2.0 BK
Reggisella Telescopic seatpost 80/100 / 125mm
Attacco Manubrio Switch CNC35mm
Manubrio Switch Aluminum 780mm - 25mm rise
Manopole NA
Peso 28 Kg
Limite di Peso NA
Peso Batteria NA
Marca del Motore Agazzini
Modello Motore AG Drive Brushless 4000W
Posizione Motore Central
Potenza Max 4000W (6CV)
Coppia Max NA
% Aiuto Max NA
Velocità Max 60km/h
Funzione Backpedal NO
Comportamento in Partenza NA
Rilevamento Cambio Marcia NO
Tipo di Cambio Straight Toothed Gears in Oil Bath
Specifiche Tecniche Motore - Central Motor with permanent magnets rotor (brushless) - Integrated in the frame - Combined to a gear reducer with straigth-toothed gears in oil bath. - lower possible center of mass - better thermal dissipation (no issues of motor oveheating on steep uphills) - Electronics ensure perfect power availability
Marca Batteria Sony
Modello Batteria 910Wh Internal
Posizione Batteria Integrated Down Tube
Peso Batteria NA
Capacità 910
Voltaggio NA
Intensità di Corrente NA
Tipo Batteria Lithium ION
Specifiche Tecniche Batteria NA

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Codici Prodotto
EUREKA ID 2104290004
Accessori Inclusi
Display: LCD display with battery percentage

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